Top 10 Reasons People with ADHD Make Great Writers

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Before I realized I had ADHD, I thought this was how everyone functioned.

I thought everyone misplaced their wallet multiple times a day, only to find it in the fridge (!) hours later. I thought everyone forgot what they were saying while they were saying it—not just once in a while, but constantly. I thought that my struggle to get out of bed in the morning was just personal laziness, lack of motivation, and a complete moral failing on my part.

Since I began treatment earlier this year, I realized something that seems obvious now: No, not everyone struggles like us.

But you know what?

Not everyone has our superpowers, either.

While it is true that ADHD creates a lot of obstacles other writers may not have to face with the same severity, I know from personal experience (and ongoing research) that ADHD also offers certain advantages when it comes to writing and creativity.

As a professor and writing consultant, I’ve worked with many ADHD writers, and let me tell you: we’re a pretty awesome bunch.

Here are my top ten reasons people with ADHD make great writers!

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How to Nurture Your Creativity In Times of Crisis

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In the world of the current pandemic crisis, I’ve seen something pretty disturbing—and I’m not talking about the disease itself.

Over and over online, I’ve seen folks promoting the idea that if you’re not using this time to better yourself or write a bestseller or create beautiful art, you’re lazy, unmotivated, or undisciplined. 

I call B.S.

People react to crisis in different ways. Some need to increase activity and be productive, and some need to decrease activity and rest.

Neither of these responses is better than the other, and it’s unfair to shame anyone for their legitimate crisis response.

And if you’re feeling blocked creatively right now, guess what? That’s completely normal.

Your brain is undergoing a prolonged stress response, and a part of this response involves diverting the brain’s ability to solve new problems and juggle complex activities to one central task: survive

So if you’re writing a ton or not writing at all, working diligently on your work-in-progress or scribbling inconsistently, that’s perfectly okay. There are other ways to feed your creativity even when you’re not working on your WIP. 

Here are 10 simple things you can do to nurture your creativity even during uncertain times.

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