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My Writing Hero CK

Hi! I’m Cathy Kirch, and I’m a professional writing consultant. I’m kind of like a personal trainer, but for writing: I’m all about building the writing muscle, strengthening craft, and developing personalized, sustainable routines.

A writing professor by day, I got my MFA in fiction writing from Columbia University—but I also have a background in neuroscience (yup, huge nerd!). As an ADHD writer myself, I specialize in helping other writers with ADHD finish what they start and build a writing life that works with their brains.

I’ve developed writing curriculum for Columbia University, Lehman College, and Strayer University. I’ve presented original research on the ADHD writing process at the Conference for College Composition and Communication, as well as original writing process research at the National Conference for Peer Tutoring in Writing. When I’m not writing, reading, or teaching, I can be found playing D&D (ask me about my level 6 rogue), watching ice hockey (go, Sharks!), and singing karaoke (loudly and without shame).


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