A Therapist for Writers

Being a writing consultant was the dream job I never knew existed.

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My undergraduate degree was an independent concentration in English and Cognitive Science—I had already combined my passions for writing, literature, psychology, and neuroscience in an academic degree, but in a career? Impossible!

…or so I thought. 

The Dream Gig

As an MFA candidate, I became what I lovingly refer to as a “therapist for writers.”

Students of all levels would come to the Columbia Writing Center for one-on-one tutoring and support for every stage of the writing process—from understanding an assignment, to brainstorming, to focusing and organizing ideas, to outlining and drafting, to redrafting (and more redrafting), to proofreading. The goal was to not only help students improve the product, but the process—to make not just better writing, but better writers.

I fell in love with this work.

Not only did it pull from both my background in psychology and my skills as an editor and teacher, but I also felt the value it brought to the writers who came through the center. 

Having a skilled, experienced, and invested reader is something all writers value—I myself brought my own work to the center, and the quality of that work soared. 

Every time I walked in the door—as a writer or as a consultant—I felt my gut leap in excitement. Anything was possible here.

But Something Was Missing

No equivalent resource exists outside of academia.

You could hire proofreaders, editors, research assistants, even ghostwriters—but oftentimes these resources are made to do the work for you, rather than equipping the writer to better perform these tasks themselves.

Even writing coaches—while great for supplying motivation, formulas, and tricks of the trade—often aren’t trained in writing pedagogy in a way that enables them to give individualized, reader-based feedback on the writer’s work.

So I Decided to Change That

My Writing Hero seeks to bring the value of the writing center outside of academia, to help professional and striving writers bust through blocks so they can stop staring at a blank screen and finally craft the books, essays, and stories they were always meant to write. At My Writing Hero, you can be confident that your work is 100% you, and equally confident that it is coming across to your readers the way you always wanted.

Let me be your Writing Hero—not just a coach, not just a teacher, not just an editor, but a loyal companion on your writing adventure. Let me help you make your writing projects and practice the best it can be—so you can grow into the writer you were always meant to become. So you can realize the dream you never knew existed.

This is my story—are you ready to tell yours?

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